President Donald J. Trump

Remarks At An Address On Tax Reform
Indianapolis, Indiana, September 27, 2017

Tax reform has not historically been a partisan issue – and it does not have to be a partisan issue today ... There is no reason that Democrats and Republicans in Congress should not come together to deliver this giant win for the American people and begin the Middle Class Miracle once again.


America First Policies believes the current tax code is outdated, overcomplicated, and burdensome on American taxpayers. It’s time to simplify the tax code and the overwhelming process of filing taxes. It’s also time to enact tax relief for middle-class families and businesses, so we can unleash economic growth, create jobs, make businesses more competitive, and bring back trillions in corporate dollars held overseas.

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An America-First Tax Plan

America First Tax Reform: Relief for All

Providing much needed tax relief for ALL Americans, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to create their own American Dream.


of American citizens are dissatisfied with our current federal income tax system.

Helping Hardworking Americans Get Ahead

Americans support – and deserve – a simpler, fairer tax code that will help millions get ahead.


of citizens want lower taxes for ordinary, middle-class families.

Greatly Simplify Taxes

Taxpayers spend almost 7 billion hours and over $250 billion annually on complying with an overly complicated tax code and filing their taxes.


of all tax returns filed in 2017 were filed by a tax professional.

30 Years Overdue: Comprehensive Reform

The U.S. tax code has undergone nearly 6,000 changes since 2001 — more than one change per day, yet we have not had a comprehensive reform in 30 years.


of American citizens believe our tax system is archaic.

Allowing Small Business to Thrive

America has the highest corporate income tax rate in the developed world. Lowering corporate tax rates create limitless opportunities for American small business to grow, create jobs and thrive.


The U.S. has the third-highest corporate income tax rate in the world, and the highest among G20 countries, which hurts investment and job creation.

Making Filing Accessible to All

Currently, nearly 90% of taxpayers require assistance to complete and file taxes.


The tax preparation industry earned $10 billion in revenue in 2016.

Eliminating Loopholes

87% of voters blame the problems with our tax system on lobbyists who fight for tax loopholes for wealthy clients.


The amount in profits Fortune 500 corporations hold offshore to avoid $767 billion in Federal taxes