What Our Leaders Are Saying About Tax Reform

Vice President Pence

America’s tax code is one of the biggest barriers to success for working families and job creators. The Internal Revenue Code is twice as long as the Bible, with none of the good news. Well, that’s about to change.

Speaker Paul Ryan

If we’re serious about letting Americans keep more of their paychecks, if we’re serious about bringing jobs back home, bringing manufacturing back home, then we have got to reform this tax system and seize this moment.

Secretary Steven Mnuchin

This is about creating jobs. This is about creating wage growth. This is about a simpler and fairer tax system. We’re going to simplify personal taxes where 95 percent of Americans will be able to fill out their tax return on a large postcard.

Senator Mitch McConnell

For the first time in many years, the American people have elected a President and Congress that are fully committed to ensuring that ordinary Americans keep more of their hard-earned money.

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We are all united in the belief that the single most important action we can take to grow our economy and help the middle class get ahead is to fix our broken tax code for families, small business, and American job creators.

Senator Chuck Schumer

Wages for millions of Americans in the middle-class and those struggling to get there have been stagnant for far too long, while the benefits of a growing economy have gone almost exclusively to the top. It’s middle-class Americans, not those in the 1%, that deserve tax relief.

Congressman Kevin Brady

We are on track to deliver transformational, bold tax reform ... because President Trump and the House and Senate are working together ... [T]here’s no one defending the status quo of this broken, complex, ugly tax code.

Senator Orrin Hatch

There is no longer any question as to whether we should reform the tax code. The only questions remaining are: how and when. For this reason, we are engaged in a long-term effort to fix these problems.

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And, in my view, the momentum in favor of comprehensive tax reform is stronger now than at any point since the 1986 reform was signed into law.

Congressman Richard Neal

Democrats believe that now is the time to act on comprehensive tax reform. We stand ready to work in good faith with Republicans on real tax reform that provides tax relief and expands opportunities for middle-class families, closes the skills gap, and promotes middle-class job growth.

Senator Ron Wyden

Helping the middle class, cleaning out the flagrant tax loopholes, fiscal responsibility, and giving all Americans the chance to get ahead. Now those were all key principles of what happened three decades ago when Democrats and Republicans got together for major bipartisan tax reform.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

We all would maybe agree that we should have tax simplification, tax fairness, and so what I say to my members who to the table for these negotiations is don’t be ideological.

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You just put growth in the middle of the table, how do we grow our economy with good paying jobs, and how do we have a tax plan that does that? So, we want simplification, so it’s clear. Fairness, so it’s fairer to people.